Friday, February 21, 2020

#Lucid #Air, #Tesla has a competitor

#California wants to ban #cars by #2040 | Newsweek

Producing and registering gas-powered cars would be illegal in California by 2040 if an upcoming bill is passed by the state legislature.

#Tesla has updated its #Model 3 #software | Elektrek

Going from a vertical to a horizontal screen is one thing, but the Model 3 also features a new computer platform different from the Model S and Model X.

#Nasa has made new #titanium #tires that can never go flat | BGR

NASA took the original concept — a metal spring wheel — and brought modern materials engineering to bear.

#BMW wants to build #futuristic #elevated #electric bike paths | Wired

The network would be reserved for electric bikes and two-wheelers. If you’re wondering why regular, human-powered bikes don’t seem welcome—well, BMW doesn’t make those.

#China sold 4 times more #electric cars then the #US in #October | Next...

It seems likely that China has over half of the global electric car sales. The top model in China was the BAIC EC-Series. 11,315 EC-Series registered in October.

New Volvo XC40’s Styling Explained by Lead Designer | Auto123

Luxurious and highly connected, the all-new 2019 Volvo XC40 small crossover SUV will slide in beneath the XC60 in the automaker’s lineup when it hits the market in 2018. But already the model...

#Tesla has unveiled its new #electric #truck | Tech Crunch

It boasts a considerable charge capacity, and has a very aesthetically distinct look which will help it stand out on the road.

#Honda connected cars will #communicate via #5g | Engadget

Honda's os moving on to the next phase in their connected cars project, which is all about 5G.

#Volvo has started making flying cars | The Verge

Volvo’s Chinese parent company announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Terrafugia, a startup founded by MIT engineers and MBA students.




#Tidal will be #free for anyone to use for 12 days...

While we are not used to this kind of news, nevertheless it is extremely appreciated. Tidal, the famous music streaming platform, is providing 12...