Canadian Black Friday Deal of the Day: 1TB PlayStation®4 – NHL® 18 – Bundle for $249.96 at Walmart


Enjoy the holidays, while it’s much cold out here in Canada, and treat yourself with some video gaming to relax your mind. Why not, it just might be what you need for a change, and with the quality of the hardware these days, all kinds of interactive engagements and gaming experience are possible. And have I mentioned how very cool  VR (virtual reality) is becoming?!?

Seriously though, treat yourself with some indoor gaming this winter as they are just becoming more and more unpredictable.

Among the many deals that are currently rolling out for Black Friday 2017, the PlayStation 4 and NHL 2018 for $249.96 is a great gift that every man and woman should consider.

Source: PlayStation Canada

PS4 bundle deal located on Walmart’s product page.

Or otherwise follow the link below:

However, not to forget, Boxing Day is just around the corner, and who knows, the deals might be even better. #ThereAreAlwaysDeals #SmartShoping

Happy shopping folks!

Edit: And of course, the deal is $250.16 if you are viewing it through a mobile device for some odd reason. Regardless, we can squeeze the few pennies difference and still get a great deal.

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